Depression, disability, and isolating disorders can affect relationships if they are not treated well. A person living with a depressed person may feel abandoned and helpless and, in turn, will take an indifferent approach. Sometimes it can seem like you are walking on an eggshell due to the attitude and reaction of the depressed person. However, it is important to understand that with a little care and a little effort, a relationship can be improved. Here are some steps you can take to help a depressed person:

Pay attention to their self-care

Depressed people often find it difficult to take care of themselves. They may not get out of bed all day, skip meals, not bathe for days, etc. This is the time when a friend or loved one can come and help you make a bed, eat something warm and nutritious, take a bath, exercise, and meditate.

Try to be present with them 

Depression can make people and loved ones feel depressed. Either way, you can still support yourself by holding hands, making sure everything looks good through your eyes, or lightly rubbing your back. Comforting words like "You are not alone in this matter", "We will find a way together" or "You are very important to me".

Reward them instead of punishing them

Threatening a depressed person by saying things like, "If you don't take care of yourself, eat dinner, sleep at the right time, I will end this relationship", is a relentless way of their say you're horrible. Instead, use gratifying and encouraging statements, such as "Oh! You got up early, are we going for a run?" or "Wow, did you cook dinner, should I help with the dishes?"

Try small gestures with love

Some people are not very comfortable with feelings. You can always provide support by trying things like cooking lunch for someone who is depressed, leaving a love note in the lunchbox, texting at regular intervals, helping with clothes, buy food or take them for a walk, etc. 

Avoid condemning or criticizing 

It can be very tempting to tell a depressed person that you are exaggerating or have no prospects; however, these words can break a person's self-esteem. Therefore, they should be avoided. Depression is a serious mental disorder that cannot be overcome by changing attitudes or developing strong willpower. It is important that a friend or loved one recognizes the feelings and emotions of the depressed person so that they can think about progress.

Encourage them to work on negativity and embrace positivity 

Depressed people have severe negative thought patterns. It is important that a friend or loved one helps you reconsider these thoughts empirically. For example, if they say “I'm worth nothing” or “I'm bad,” one should politely ask what makes them think that way, and this conversation should help break down negative patterns.

Depression is curable

Depression is curable and the power to heal should never be discussed. While self-help and support systems can help relieve symptoms, none can be as helpful as therapies such as cognitive-behavioural therapy and medication. Therefore, the depressed person should be helped to seek treatment.

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