Things You Should Know Before You “Lose” Your Virginity

Most times people share tense experiences about their first sex which often scares a lot of people. Before making up your mind to losing your virginity, here are things you should know before you lose your virginity.

1. The word virginity makes different things to people.

Anyway, you see it, it's important to note that you decide when you're ready to have sex, it's 100 percent your choice. You shouldn't make it seem like you're losing or giving something away. Losing your virginity is a whole new experience.

2. When you have a hymen, it is never going to pop during vaginal penetration.

Older people have this crazy belief that during vaginal penetration the hymen breaks, that's all myth. Based on its size, a hymen can be torn during vaginal penetration, exercise, and during some other physical activity, but note that it won't pop.

3. The hymen has nothing to do with the status of your virginity

The hymen is just a body part. That's doesn't determine one's virginity. You are the one to decide the status of your virginity.

4. Losing your virginity isn't going to change your body.

Your body is never going to change, it just going to respond to the stimulus. Most of those arousal related responses are just temporary.

5. There is no after sex appearance

There's no how someone else can tell that you're no longer a virgin, except you decide to tell them.

6. Your first time shouldn't hurt you, although it may be uncomfortable

Lubricate properly before penetration, indulge in foreplay. It's completely normal to feel uncomfortable after your first time. In most cases, friction could occur with vaginal penetration, which can cause discomfort. If the sex seems to hurt you, that could be caused by lack of lubrication, or probably a medical condition. In such cases, see a doctor particularly when you start experiencing pain during sex.

7. Your sheets might not be bloody

There could be some light bleeding the first time you have sex. If your anal canal tissue tears during anal penetration, mild rectal bleeding is most likely to occur.

8. You may not bleed

We all have the belief that people that lose virginity bleed. This is not true in all cases as there are possibilities that you could have ruptured your hymen before having sex. This is common among ladies who are active in sports. Also, in some cases, your hymen may not break the first time you have sex.

9. Pregnancy is very much possible during your first time

Pregnancy is possible anytime there's vaginal penetration with a penis. This can happen when a person with a penis ejaculates inside a vagina, near the vaginal opening. The best way to prevent pregnancy is by using a condom.

10. If you feel your first experience wasn't what you wanted, you can always get it another try

Your first time having doesn't have to be perfect. If you felt the experience is not what you wanted or expected, you can always try countless times, since practice makes perfect.

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