Things you need to know about shaving your private part


Pubic hair is more like a protective barrier. It helps prevent inconveniences. Studies prove that one's pubic hair is a progressed way of protecting your Internal body from itself and foreign objects, even preventing your body against conditions like STDs or molluscum contagiosum. Most doctors feel that you're indirectly leaving your skin more susceptible to infectious objects when you shave your hair. However, that doesn't stop you from stripping away unwanted hairs. You should know that shaving your vulva is very much safe as long as you doing it correctly. 

When you're shaving your pubic hair, you should know that you're not just dealing with any part of your body but a susceptible area that requires so much attention. This is why you need to keep the below tips in mind before shaving. For you to shave safely and correctly, here are guides you need to know about shaving your private part:

STEP 1 - Trim off excess hair in your pubic area

Shaving your pubic area will be much more comfortable after trimming off excess hair. All you have to do is use a pair of scissors to cut excess hair so that the hair remaining will just be a few centimetres long. 

STEP 2 - Exfoliate your skin

Try using a washcloth or probably an exfoliating sponge to exfoliate your skin gently before shaving. You might be wondering about the Importance of exfoliating before shaving, but you should know that exfoliating help removes dead skin and allow you to shave the hair to the root. You don't have to use a harsh exfoliant. It will do more harm than good in your public area. A simple exfoliating scrub is all you need for a safe shave. 

STEP 3 - You should apply a shaving cream

Before you shave, you should apply a meaningful amount of shaving cream to the areas you intend to shave for easy shaving. We'd advise you not to use fragrant shaving cream in the public area, because the fragrance is likely to irritate the skin, particularly on delicate skin. 

STEP 4  - Ensure you are shaving in the direction of your pubic hair areas

Ensure you're shaving in the direction of your hair growth to prevent irritation of the hair follicle. Don't just shave your pubic area anyhow, it one of the most sensitive parts of the body you're dealing with, so ensure you're handling it with care. 

STEP 5 - You can then wash off the shaving cream

After the above process, you can then rinse away excess shaving cream with warm water and dry off gently. 

STEP 6 - Moisturize your private part with a lotion, preferably a fragrance-free lotion

After you must have completed the whole process, it's time to moisturise your private part. However, if you're about to get dressed, you can put on powder to prevent chafing of rubbing. We don't recommend talc-based powders or even baby powder.

Follow the steps and notice a significant difference in how you feel after shaving. 

Thanks for reading. 

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