Are you finding it very hard to sleep at night due to restlessness? Over 62% of adults in America find it hard to sleep at night. One of the significant things that affect our health is the lack of proper sleep. Doctors and medical practitioners have said lack of adequate sleep can weaken the immune system, weight gain, obesity, and high blood pressure. Other research has also shown that people that tend to sleep less (Chronic poor sleepers) have a higher risk of developing cancer. They have been further researches about the collection between sleep and Cancer.

However, while we are waiting for the research results, its best will prioritize our sleep and spend more of the prescribed 8 hours sleeping. To know if you are getting the right amount of sleep, try to notice your body degree during the day. If you feel restless and unprepared for every activity, you are not getting the right amount of sleep needed. Sleep hygiene is essential for your health. If you have a good sleep habit and a healthy lifestyle, you will have good health. With single changes in your behaviors and daily activities or actions, you can change your sleeping habit. 

Here are some tips on how to get better sleep at night.

1. Have a good sleep schedule: This means you should have a set time to go to bed and stop all activities and a set time that you would wake up in the morning.

2. Attach some rituals to your sleep: this means you can probably do similar things every time at night before going to bed. Doing this consistently would train and culture your body to know that you are willing to sleep anytime you do the activities. 

3. Exercise regularly: if you find it tough to sleep, try exercising for at least two hours. The exercise would be relaxing and make your muscles crave rest. Some other healthy tips can also help you. 

4. Ensure you have a right and proper diet: research and study have shown that taking light food or a small snack makes sleep easier at night. 

5. Don't sleep too much during the day: sleeping for more than an hour is not advisable during the day. It's best to keep your nap to a maximum of 30minutes during the day, so you can have the time to sleep at night. 

6. Avoid taking alcohol: alcohol reduces the brain’s activities and keeps you awake frequently. If you want to sleep at night, you should avoid taking alcohol for like 6 hours before time. Choose water because of its benefits instead of alcohol and ensure you don't take too much water so you don't pressure the bladder. 

7. Reduce the amount of caffeine and nicotine: taking too much caffeine and nicotine will keep you restless at night and make you stay awake. If you want to sleep faster, limit your caffeine intake. 

8. Don't do other bedroom activities: this means your bedroom should be set exclusive before sleeping. Your phones, laptops, or televisions should not be in the bedroom. Keep your bedroom cool, quiet, and dark. Once you keep your bedroom in this condition, your body would be trained to always sleep at night. 


It's difficult for everyone to perform well without sleeping at night. This is why the article gives you the best tips and how to have a good night rest. You can also read about unhealthy sleeping habits you should stop. Thanks.

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