Your butt is great. It's actually part of what makes your body beautiful and different. 

One's butt shape can be considered when you place your pelvic and hip bones, by the amount of fat and it's distribution, the size of your underlying gluteal muscles, and the way your butt muscles attach to the thigh bone. Through the main butt shapes, you should identify if your butt is the square, round, heart or inverted V Shape. 

When you look at the types of butts out there, you won't be surprised to notice that there is such a thing as different butt shapes. It's quite important to know which butt you have because you may not have the butt you actually want. 

Types of butts

• Square shape, which is also H shaped

• Round shape, which could be C or O shaped

• Heart or pear shape, which could be A-shaped

• Inverted, which is normally a V-shaped

Now how do you figure out your butt size?

You should be able to pick out one of the butt shapes that's similar with yours. However, you don't have to be worried if any of the types don't look exactly like yours, the types are meant to serve just as a guide and the sheer amount of variation in the human body, this means not everyone will actually fit into the predefined types of butts above. 

1 The Square shape (H shape)

This particular butt results from higher prominent hip bones or fat distribution in the love handle area. If the shape from your hip bone to your outer thigh is more or less a straight line, then it's very likely you have a square or H shaped butt. In some cases, people with square shape butt or H shaped ass will have high hip bones, hip dips, or a layer of fat on their flanks, that is the love handle. If you fall under this category, you might want to consider wearing higher waisted pants, it makes you feel even more comfortable.  

2. The Round shape (C or O Shape)

This particular type of butt has a round appearance, it is characterized by a car distribution around the cheeks of the butt, even with the upper parts of the cheeks which result to a roundness effect when you at it from the behind. The round shape sits highs when you're looking at it from the side, it is majorly perky and full. The shape can also be as a result of full hips. If you find yourself in this category, you can consider picking underwears with extra fabric at the back to get full coverage and reduce possible wedgies. 

 3. The Heart or Pear shape (A-Shape)

This butt shape is considered as the most feminine among all. It is as a result of fat distribution around lower areas of the butt and thighs. This is more viewed from the waistline to the bottom of the butt, therefore giving you an upside-down heart description.  Once you've a tapered waistline and fat distributed in the lower part of your butt or thigh, it's most likely you have a heart or pear shape. This particular butt is common to those with a pear-shaped body. People with the butt would actually find underwear with high cut legs or bigger leg holes even more comfortable, like tangas, high cut panties or bikinis. To minimize the gaping at your waistline, you should consider mid-rise, curvy jeans in stretchy denim. 

4. Inverted shape (V Shape)

The inverted shape butt is common among older women with lower estrogen levels due to the shift of fat storage from the butt to the midsection. In this butt shape, you'll have more fullness at the top, close to your waistline, and less volume in the butt cheeks, therefore creating a line between your pelvis and hips, formulating the V shape. When the base of your butt is less full than the top of your butt, then it's very likely you've an inverted shaped butt. You should actually consider jeans with fuller pockets lower on the back if you really want your ass to look great. 

Do you know your butt type? It can help you have a better walk and standing posture. 
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