Top 7 food that can help you relieve stress

Are you sick and tired of popping in those anti-stress tablets with annoying smells into your mouth? Yeah, me too. But before you begin to worry too much, read this article to the end. I've put together some stress-relieving food for you.

You can now say your last goodbye to anti-stress medications thanks to the nutrients' composition of these stress-relieving foods. Ready? Alright! Let's get down to business.


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This fish is a leader of the pack when it comes to stress level relieving foods. So what is it about? Salmon comprises omega-3s which is known to combat the hormone cortisol released in the body during stress.

Additionally, Salmon is rich in vitamin D, a fat-soluble vitamin that tackles depression. Try adding salmon to your diet instead of those awful pills and watch your stress level reduces drastically.


Just the mere thought of a cup of hot tea on one of those hectic days sounds smoothing. Isn't it?  So what if you get to bring the thought into the present? According to a Japanese study, a daily intake of 5 cups of green tea reduces stress level 20%.

Whatever your preference is, a black tea, a green tea or chamomile, have a great tea time for yourself.

Green leafy veggies

Feeling stressed after a long day at work? No pressure there. Grab a handful of kale, spinach, collard greens, mustard greens and any green veggies you can think of. So what's the secret?

These green leafy are rich in folate. Folate helps your body to manufacture neurotransmitters that play a key role in mood regulations.


It won't hurt to take a considerable amount of yoghurt daily. This fermented food goes a long way in battling with stress level in the body.

It contains Lactobacillus rhamnosus, a probiotic which lowers the stress-inducing hormone in the body.


Okay, I know what you are thinking. Turkey skin contains much fat, and you just don't want to mess around with fatty foods. But if you're having a hard time with stress, you'd better jump on this stress relieving food.

Why? Turkey has a significant amount of L-tryptophan which is converted to serotonin in the body. Serotonin is a good mood-regulating hormone.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, eggs are so packed with several minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids. All of these nutrients can successfully help you fight against stress. But that's not where we are going to.

Surprisingly enough, eggs are rich in choline which is a stress-relieving compound.


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There are several health benefits linked to blueberries and one of them is the neuroprotective effect they have on the body.

Here's the catch. Blueberries contain flavonoid antioxidants in a high quantity. What these antioxidants do is to protect your body cells from stress-related cellular damage. They also combat inflammations associated with stress. 

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