How your partner can influence your health

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According to health researchers, a healthy relationship boosts medical fitness. This makes me wonder about the relationship between health and a good partner. So if you are like me and keen on finding out how your partner shapes your health, welcome onboard.

Your blood pressure, sleep, and lots more can be influenced by your partner. Does this sound like I'm exaggerating? Let’s get into the details of the article.


You can add or lose weight in your relationship, courtesy to the kind of partner you have. Sounds silly? It's not.

Positive: Let's take a closer look. If your partner is a fitness devotee, you'd be left with no choice but to follow him/her to the gym and shed off some weight. He/ she is likely to motivate you on carrying out a regular fitness routine.

Negative: But that's not all. Frequent conflicts with your partner can cause you to take up sleep problems and passive-aggressive eating habits which would cause excess weight gain.

Additionally, a peaceful relationship devoid of mental stress and domestic abuse is a top factor for good Body Mass Index. No worries, no pains.


Sex does not make up a healthy relationship. You're dead right. But just like everything else, sex is another determining factor of your mental health. But how?

Research has shown that regular sex reduces stress and improves general well-being. If your partner fails in this bedroom activity, you stand a risk of been exposed to a high level of stress.

The bottom line is this. You can strive to stay off mental stress all by yourself, but your partner would make it easier for you.

Behavioral change

It is an undisputed fact that your partner can make you quit a bad habit or pick it up. Sounds familiar? Well, I'm going to blow up all of it right here.

Now and then, you get to see that inscription “smokers are liable to die young”. But for some reason, you find it super difficult to stop smoking and prolong your years.

But one thing's for sure. Your partner can get you to quit and positively influence your health.

In the same manner, your partner can cause you to pick up an unhealthy habit and endanger your health.

Sleep issues

It is funny how so many people battle with their partner's sleeping habits. While some people are professional snorers, some may be busy tossing all around the bed till date break.

This could stop you from having a quality sleep. Isn't it? Chances are that you would be deprived of quality sleep if your partner is suffering from insomnia. In the end, your health becomes affected because a quality sleep would equal a healthy life and not the other way round.

So it all adds up to this. As much as you can decide how much of a healthy life you want, your partner is everything you need to make that work.

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