If you have arthritis or someone who has arthritis, then you need to have more knowledge of inflammation. Inflammation is the worst enemy for people who have arthritis. These people should avoid the intake of certain drinks and beverages that cause inflammation.

Prevention they say is better than a cure. Do not go for it at all if you don’t want to pay for it. But the point is that it is not only foods that cause arthritis. Some drinks and beverages usually trigger inflammation.

The fact that drinks do not need much time to digest in the body, they react faster and cause pain in the body of arthritis patients. It also allows you to quickly detect what causes sudden pain than when you eat foods.

Beverages do not affect all arthritis patients. Although it is very crucial to know what works for your body and what does not. Therefore, people living with arthritis should beware of taking any food or drink without understanding what works best for them.

In this context, there are 11 beverages and their symptoms that are very much likely to cause severe pains in people living with arthritis,

1. Energy drink 

Energy drinks are the most common drinks that affect the body system due to the presence of caffeine in them. They come first on the list of drinks that cause pain in people living with arthritis. The caffeine in energy drinks causes seizures and heart attacks.
Sugars and caffeine cause inflammation. There is high acidic content in energy drinks, and from research, it was studied that such drinks fasten the rate of joints degradation.

2. Tap water

Water is very important for people living with arthritis to stay hydrated. Water supports the lubrication of joints and other processes in the body.
Tap water is not advisable for arthritis patients. Tap water may contain chemicals and unhygienic particles which may likely irritate the body tissues and cause inflammation.

Fluoride is a typical compound of inflammatory that is commonly found in tap water. The amount of fluoride content in tap water may not affect most people. But it triggers the pain of people who have arthritis.
A good way of getting rid of dirt in tap water is by filtering it with a pitcher or a faucet attachment. Ensure to drink clean and safe water always.

3. Tonic Water with Quinine

Quinine was a common medicine used to treat arthritis. But it was not working effectively as expected. There are a lot of similar treatments to quinine but they are used as medications for malaria. Especially when the last option is death.

Tonic water has little or no therapeutic effect on arthritis. The minimum amount of quinine inclusions in tonic water was discovered by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration. If the maximum amount of quinine is added to tonic water, it has many effects such as kidney problems, bleeding problems and dizziness.

4. Regular Soda

It is best recommended for people living with arthritis to stay away from soda intake. The same rule that applies to energy drinks is also applied to taking Soda for arthritis patients.

Soda and energy drinks contain caffeine, sugar and acid. Soda has a high possibility of causing inflammation too.

These listed ingredients can also initiate other illnesses in the body, particularly weight gain.

If you are overweight, you have a higher risk of exposure to arthritis pain. The tender joints will be forced to bear pressure than normal.

5. Diet

Be careful of the things you take when you are switching diet. For instance, don’t switch to diet like soda to avoid arthritis pains. Some artificial sweeteners trigger inflammation. Examples of these sweeteners include high fructose corn syrup or refine sugar.
Artificial sweeteners contain some chemical products that change the structure of the balance of gut bacteria. This simply is talking about how our body struggles to manufacture glucose and the release of inflammatory cytokines.
Under normal condition, the gut bacteria has the potential to release anti-inflammatory compounds for balancing, although not until after it has been killed with fake sugars.

6. Beer

For many reasons, beer tends to be troublesome. It triggers the body to release chemicals known as purines while your liver splits the contained chemical fructose.
Then, purine is metabolized into an acid called uric acid, the main agent behind an extremely painful inflammation of joints, known as gout.

Furthermore, some people are very sensitive to gluten, and in people, gluten is highly inflammatory. Alcohol also has some effects on inflammation.

7. Alcohol

An average mixed drink or glasses of wine is recommended to drink. But try as much as possible to avoid gin and tonic. If you get addicted to drinking, you are likely to be exposed to joint pain.
Two major things cause hangover: dehydration and inflammation.

8. Fruit juice

Generally, fruit juice contains a lot of sugar which makes it. The fiber contained in some fruits that we eat can keep the level of blood sugar steady. It can also slow sugar absorption in the body.

The problem with juice and arthritis sufferers is the presence of fructose in juice. When fructose is digested, it metabolizes purine and later increases the uric acid in the body

9. Coffee

Coffee has both good and bad side effects in people freeing from arthritis. The sweet story is that coffee possesses antioxidant polyphenols. Antioxidant polyphenols decrease inflammation and also reduces free radicals damages in the cells.
The bad effect of coffee on arthritis patients is that it contains caffeine. It is acidic

10. Milk & Other Dairy Products

Many arthritis patients ignore the fact that milk and dairy products contain a type of protein known as casein. Casein has the potential to initiate inflammation.

Some types of arthritis may trigger the body to develop some antibodies to casein. Although, this is an assumption that is mistakenly believed to be a harmful foreign substance. On the contrary, the antibodies lead to inflammation which tends to disturb painful joints.

Fortunately, most fermented dairy products have a small amount of casein in them. Thus, it makes them more acceptable and tolerable. Although there is a need to make proper investigations and experiments before we can be certain of which is which.

11. Tomato Juice

Speaking of tomato, it has for long, been said to be bad for people who have arthritis. Tomatoes contain solanine, which is an inflammatory substance. Although there has not been any scientific test that has proven solanine as a force to arthritis.

All that is in tomato are generally harmless.
If you have arthritis, the best advice for you is to limit your level of sodium intake. Especially when you are taking some prescribed medications. Because some certain amount of salt is added to commercial tomato juices.

Corticosteroids are popular treatments that are commonly used for rheumatoid arthritis. A major function of corticosteroids is that they retain sodium greatly.

We can only guide you through the vital information required to know about arthritis. And also to know about the drinks and beverages that should be avoided by people with arthritis.

If you have arthritis, try to know which drink or beverage affects you when consumed. Try to know your body best.

Take your time to experiment with all sorts of beverages to know which one triggers inflammation in you.

Do not forget that water keeps you hydrated. Water is very important for people who have arthritis. Plenty of fresh and filtered water helps to lubricator the joints.

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