It can be quite complex and strenuous to look for the best food high that has a lot of protein to use when trying to stop overeating and also eating healthy and nutritious meals. Protein is a great source to keep you satisfied and energy-filled to help you last the day in your gym activities or even to keep you hearty. There are lots of foods ranging from dairy products, meats to vegetables and more than that are great sources of healthy protein. You would agree that after reading this piece, there are lots of food high in protein that can keep you fit.

#20 Cottage Cheese

A cup of lesser fat-filled cottage cheese has almost 30 grams of protein. It also has calcium, phosphorus, and several other important nutrients in it. It is simple and delightful mostly when you blend it with fresh fruits. You can also add cottage cheese to other meals as toppings or as a compliment to make a whole dish.

#19 Broccoli

Broccoli is another great source of protein as it has almost five grams of protein per stalk. It also has lots of other numerous nutrients like Fiber, vitamin C, to mention a few. It can also be added as a complement to any other meal.

#18 Quinoa

This is one of the world’s greatest food, and it has almost 8 grams of protein in each cup. It also contains 27 fibers per cup. Quinoa is a superb food that can be added as a side dish to any meal or even as a starter for bowl meat. It is an extremely good source of protein for the body to keep fit.

#17 Grilled Salmon

This meal has several health advantages, and it is mouthwatering. Salmon is loaded with protein that makes it a time taking digesting meal that makes you feel filled. It is also loaded with minerals and vitamins to start your metabolism process. Salmon can be cooked in several ways but it is advisable to the grill to reserve major health advantages for your wellness.

#16 Edamame

This is a Japanese meal and is a tasty way to retain the protein in the body. Edamame has about 18 grams per cup. It also has several other vitamins and minerals. If you want to go for a fun treat, you should try and dip tasty bean pods in a soy sauce or just put them on a Japanese meal.


#15 Peanuts

Consuming peanuts is a healthy, simple way to boost your protein intake. They do not just have protein, but they also have hearty fats. Both nutrients help keep you filled with wholesome energy all through the day. They can also satisfy your hunger lust rapidly.

#14 Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a protein-filled food that can be eaten alongside lots of dishes. Greek yogurt has almost 20 proteins per serving. It also has hearty fats to sustain you with the protein and it is a great source of calcium. This is a plain, luscious way to have protein in the body.

#13 Asparagus

Asparagus is a good side dish and compliment for any meat dish. Cook or grill with little oil for the best taste. There is no feeling like eating asparagus on a summer day. It contains 3 grams of protein and it is a great way to keep the body fit.

#12 Chili Pepper

Spicy foods usually have more fiber than protein, but chili pepper is a great source of protein. Chili pepper has about 2 grams of protein. You can eat other tasty foods too but chili pepper is a healthy choice that has appropriate protein in it. It can be cooked with any dish or snack. You can also eat colorful food so as not to eat too much.

#11 Lean Beef Taco

You get a whole sum of 22 grams from lean beef.  You can add lean beef in several dishes. You can put lean beef on the grill for a protein-filled bun-less burger. Lean beef is an affordable source of protein to help meet your fitness goal.

#10 Eggs

Eggs can be plated in multiple ways: scrambled, boiled, sunny side up, or fried. Any of these egg styles have one thing in common, Protein. There are about 6 grams of protein and 75 calories in an egg. It also has brain nutrients and antioxidants, a very good way to start your day.

#9 Chicken

A breast of a skinless chicken has 54 grams of protein. Chicken can be used as a compliment or side dish to any meal. It is also low in fat. You can serve the chicken with some other protein Dilled dishes like asparagus and broccoli.
#8 Pumpkin Seeds

You can always eat toasted pumpkin seeds on a weekend that you set aside to enjoy your self. Pumpkins are great sources of protein, as one seed has 12 grams of protein. Eat your pumpkins and get filled with protein, and you will be fit.

#7 Lentils

 An example of lentils is beans. Beans are a great source of protein and it keeps you full and it helps to still food longing. They can fill you and you can eat them alongside every other meal or you can eat it as an afternoon snack to sustain you for long.

#6 Milk

Taking milk before going to bed or after going to bed is another great way to retain the protein in the body. There are about 8 gram of protein in a cup of milk. It also contains lots of calcium to give the body energy. It is also good to take milk when participating in our daily activities and exercise.

#5 Oatmeal

Lots of athletes are on an oat-based meal for high and better performance. Because oats are filled with protein and are also a very healthy grain. It is good to consume raw oats, but you can eat tasty oats too. Oatmeal can be served in several ways and can be used as a side dish with another meal; you can also eat oatmeal with fruits.

#4 Whey Protein

When you increase your protein consumption, you directly help increase your fitness and you will be filled.  You don't have to go to a gym to get the full health benefits of whey, blending protein drinks and lifting heavy objects helps burn fast rapidly. Whey can be blended in a variety of drinks and soft meals. Read on healthy proteins. 

#3 Artichokes

 Artichokes have high grams of protein.  They are also good for helping the digestive system. They have fibers that take in water and helps the digestive tract move smoothly. You can plate in a dip or serve separately.

#2 Almonds

Almonds can be snacked in and they are great sources of protein. They also have important vitamins. They are the healthiest snack to satisfy you and give you energy.

#1 Shrimp

You can still your seafood craving by eating shrimp. They are tasty and can be cooked in lots of ways. They are low in fat and the fats that they contain are derived from protein. Shrimps have almost 18 grams of protein per serving.

I believe that you now know the healthy protein meal that you can eat to keep fit and healthy.

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