The stress of sourcing for the best nutritious diet to fill the stomach is usually a constraint. It is always required to get diets that will perform the best nutritional functions and keep one away from overfeeding. Small quantities of some healthy diets can fill the stomach up and stay full for some time. Foods containing high water content or fiber tend to full the stomach and have lesser calories. This causes the stomach to stay full for a long period before digestion. 

This content will help you with 20 different foods that will help eat less and be less hungry. This will help you to prevent over-feeding.

20 Avocado
Avocado remains an amazing light meal with a great taste. It makes the stomach full when consumed. The inner layer, next to the outer green cover, is a creamy flesh that is very rich in fiber and fills the stomach quickly. When avocado is consumed, the mono-unsaturated fat contains in it passes information to the brain that the stomach has been filled up.

19 Cottage
Foods containing high protein content digests slowly. The stomach is filled up for a while. A cup of cottage cheese contains 28-32 grams of protein. When such a meal is consumed, the chances of feeling hunger is very slim. Cheese is a very good option to make the stomach full for a while.

18 Quinoa
Several grains are said to have about 27grammes fiber content in them per cup. Quinoa is a very good example. Quinoa contains soluble fiber which makes it expand when it absorbs water. It expands in the stomach and fills it up for a long time.

17 Grilled Salmon
Salmon digests slowly as a result of its high protein content. Salmon has a lot of benefits. It works wonders for bones and also prevents muscle loss. Salmon can be prepared in several ways, but the healthiest variety is to grill salmon and give it a perfect taste.
16 Popcorn
Generally, almost everybody loves popcorn. In movies, date night, or evening workout, popcorn is a very nice option. It is a very good meal to beat hunger, preferably with little butter. The presence of carbs in popcorn helps to prevent the blood sugar level from falling. Consider popcorn when you have the feeling that your blood sugar has reduced. That indicates hunger.

15 Walnuts
A good way to increase your body fiber content is to eat walnuts. Walnuts also contain a very healthy lot of fats. They send signals to the brain when the stomach is filled up. Walnuts stay for an extended period in the stomach.

14 Greek Yogurt
Greek yogurt is a very delicious and light meal. It is best to combine with fresh fruits. It contains a variety of fat contents per serving. Greek yogurt has about 20 grams of protein per cup and also rich in calcium.

13 Peanut Butter
Peanut butter is a wonderful meal that contains healthy fats. It also reduces appetite but fills up the stomach. A tablespoon of peanut butter contains about 100 calories.

12 Chilis
Chilis are spicy foods that fill the stomach. It is general knowledge that spicy foods reduce appetite. An interesting fact about chilis is that there is no need to eat much before the stomach is filled up quickly. It is recommended to try out other spicy meals as well. To help to fight the habit of craving for foods resulting from big appetite, chilis are very great choices.

11 Apples
Apples contain fiber and polyphenols. Until fermentation occurs, these two compounds remain undigested in the stomach for long periods. Apples help you to do away with doctors. One apple per day is a great idea to keep the stomach full as long as fermentation has not occurred. Thus, it keeps you for a longer period before you feel hungry.

10 Eggs
Eggs have several variations. i. e., they are prepared and consume in different forms, e. g, hard-boiled, fried eggs, and so on. But the sweet story is that irrespective of egg forms, they all fill the stomach. Eggs are a very good source of vitamins and also help to decrease appetite.  Eggs are nice to snack options during the day and also a great choice for breakfast.

9 Soup
As explained earlier, foods that contain high water content tend to make the stomach full faster and last for a while. A good example is a soup. A nicer idea is when you put a reasonable amount of vegetables in your soup. Enjoy the heart filling meal and be free from a big appetite!

8 Dark Chocolate
Of course, nobody frowns at sweet, rich dark chocolate!. It feels good to bring to your notice that dark chocolate also contains some level of fiber content and makes you feel full. Dark chocolate also slows the reaction of a hormone called ghrelin. This is the hormone that sends hunger signals to the brain.

7 Beans
Beans are said to contain soluble fiber and complex carbs. As said earlier, these two compounds are good agents for stomach fullness. Beans are also heart filling. It is recommended to eat beans for breakfast and also for a late afternoon meal. Add beans to your meals. They work wonders.

6 Pickles
A large quantity of pickles is not a bad idea because it has few calories. The bulky vegetable snacks fill up the stomach so quickly when consumed. A pickle is nicer when you are craving for snacks.

5 Oatmeal
Oats are very cool options in the diet of athletes. In order to reduce your cravings for those snacks, try oatmeal as breakfast to fill your heart. Oatmeal can be served in different ways. Another good option is combining it with smoothies.

4 Whey Protein
Adequate intake of protein increases weight loss. Protein generally reduces appetite and keeps the stomach full. Whey protein, as it is called, is full of protein. Whey protein is very good for fat burning. It is better when you gym alongside with whey protein consumption.

3 Artichokes
Artichokes also contain reasonable amounts of fiber, which keeps you from getting hungry so quickly. It has an acid that is important in the diet of pregnant women. The presence of insoluble fiber in artichokes makes it expand when it absorbs water. Hence, it makes the stomach full for a while. They serve quite a lot of benefits. They also aid in the movement of digestive tracts.

2 Almonds
A very good source of natural protein is Nut. Nuts are very good sources of essential vitamins. Almonds are the most fibrous among all other nuts. They are, therefore great options when looking for snacks that reduce cravings for other snacks.

1 Water
No food or diet flows without water. Water is very important to supplement all other meals to aid digestion. It also fills the stomach faster. Ice cold water requires the body to burn more calories while warming it up to process it. Therefore, water makes up the best healthy meal to keep your full.

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