There is more to developing one’s health. Health improvement does not necessarily mean working more on the quality and quantity of food intake. It goes beyond workouts and jogging. This post contains all that you need to know about the 20 tips to change your life and look healthier.

20 Try to travel more by bike
Try to invest more in bikes. If you are probably living in a small village or town, you are likely to move around on foot. When you transport yourself by bike, you will be freer to move your body. The bike also allows you to do more of a workout when riding it. If you live in the city or a more developed area where cars are most common, you may likely need to switch to bikes.
19 Sweet-toothed? No problem! Fruit smoothies for everyone!
Smoothies are better recommended for people with sweet-tooth that can't do away with sweet snacks. Smoothies are rich in vitamins. They also have very good tastes and serve as appetizers. Taking smoothies is never a bad option even though they contain a lot of sugars.
18 Use the stairs
Some people will choose elevators or escalators over the stairs. Only a few people are usually seen using stairs in malls, companies, etc. Even just a little moment will help as you try to move your body.
17 Eat more vegetables
It is general knowledge that vegetables contain a lot of essential vitamins and minerals needed by the body. Taking more vegetables will be very helpful for a healthier lifestyle due to its nutrient composition. Some unhealthy fried foods can b gladly replaced with vegetables.
16 Keep yourself balanced
One must not put all focuses on physical fitness alone. It is very crucial to balance up physical fitness with mental fitness. If less attention is given to one of them, the other one will be affected. Try to balance things up. Healthy living is not all about looking fresh. Effective thinking is also very important too.
15 Spend more time in nature
Sometimes, all that your body needs is to spend some time in nature. You've got to stretch out your muscles by taking a walk. This is a great way to work yourself out if you want to lose some weight. Walking also helps you to battle with some musculoskeletal diseases. If you are someone that spends less time doing sports, you can consider this habit and try it out. Spending more time in nature gives your body and soul a lot of energy.
14 Read more
You can make reading more interesting by reading the books you like. It does not necessarily have to be the books that are related to your best field. Reading is naturally constructive and meditative. It can also help you to cool off and calm your nerves.
13 Drink more water
It is never too late for you to adopt the habit of drinking 3 liters of water per day. Most people still find this hard to keep up with. It is an undisputed fact that water stands to be the best food that maintains your body functions. Many people forgot to drink for hours! Dehydration causes skin dryness, and of course, if this is not cared for, it causes eczema. Other unpleasant things caused by low intake of water include vitamin deficiency, pale hair and of course, causes some other abnormalities in the body.
12 Detoxify
The concept behind detoxification is a very cool idea to stay healthier. Although most detoxifying diets tend to be unhealthy and tiring. Detoxification is best done when you just arrived from a party or outing. Especially when you ate a lot of junk or you over-ate.
11 Meditate
If you have not been meditating before, this may sound crazy to you. As explained earlier about mental health, consider meditation as part of your routines. Dedicate little time for you and your mind only. Shut out everything else.
10 Eat more fruits
Fruits are wonderful choices for breakfast, and vegetables sound greater for dinner. Fruits are perfect to start the day. They are vitamin and energy sources. A combination of proteins, energy, and vitamin sources are the best diets to start the day with. So, yogurt is not a bad idea as to what goes with fruits and vegetables.
9 Try yoga
I can guess right about the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear yoga. Although yoga may sound feminine, it is really hard. It requires a lot of patience, endurance, strength, and commitment. If you want a sport that will make you stay calm and fit, try yoga.
8 Spend time with your friends
Spending more time with friends makes you more active and less stressful. Hanging out with friends helps the body to relax and makes the mind to be free. Your mood will also improve, and you will feel lighter.
7 Make time for your hobbies
Do what you love. Don't waste your time doing what you do not have passion for. People derive pleasure in doing what they love. Don't always think of earning money from everything that you do.
By doing what we love, we learn new skills that apply to our fields. Try out some things that give you joy when you do them. These things will help your brain to function well.
6 Avoid unnecessary medicine
Do not abuse your body systems with unnecessary medicines. It is possible that you catch a cold, have headache or body pain. Sometimes, all that your body needs is proper resting, vitamins, or you drink tea. Some smaller diseases make the immune system to be stronger.

5 Organize your day
Plan your activities of the day. Don't overwork yourself. Set priorities for your daily activities and achieve all, effectively. It's a little way to keep your day busy and productive.
4 Stop measuring
Try not to judge someone. Avoid the habit of complaining about peoples' flaws. Work on yourself to be better than who you used to be. Remember that everyone is different. Admit your mistakes and learn from them. Everybody starts with different choices. If you work hard,  you shall see the results of your hard work.

3 Spend time with your family
Your family members are your number 1 fans. Stay with them and spend some quality time together. Research shows that staying with our loved ones reduces stress- physical, economic, and psychological stress. Always remember that you are not alone.

2 Try to buy organic foods
You can always get organic foods at your fingertips. Most importantly, organic foods or products are free from chemicals and more nutritional than the ones in malls and supermarkets.

1 Build some self-confidence
Self-confidence helps you to be the best version of yourself. Try new things. Don't cover yourself under the umbrella of "I am scared; I can't do this." People always become successful when they do what they made up in their minds.

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