Do you work hard, and you have a busy schedule? Are you in search of the best recipes that are quick, easy, and of course, healthy? You can achieve all these goals with wok meals! To keep yourself and your family feeling great, it is important to properly plan and maintain a healthy diet.

Wok meals are quick and easily planned, so you can safely feel like you have time and energy to prepare a healthy meal at the end of a busy day. Heat your wok, and let’s go through the journey of 3 to 5 ingredient wok recipes! Be rest assured that after reading this piece, you will find better options to live a healthy food life.

20. Pepper Steak
The main source of flavor for this juicy recipe are peppers, mushrooms, and ginger. Combine in your heated wok: chopped green yellow and red pepper, beefsteak, a sprinkling of ginger and lemon pepper, plus a ½ cup of soy sauce per 2 servings of beef. Keep stirring and cooking until beef is thoroughly prepared, and you can serve over rice.

19. Garlic Broccoli
Garlic Broccoli is fused from both Japanese and Chinese dishes. Sear broccoli florets in garlic-infused olive oil and braise in chicken broth in your wok until broccoli becomes tender. Sprinkle almonds when plated for best results.

18. Veggie Lo Mein
In fifteen minutes, you will prepare this easy and customizable dish. Chop mushroom, carrots and green onions and mix in your wok with lo mein noodles (or even ramen) and some soy sauce. Cook until the noodles are to your liking on.

17. Sesame Chicken
This dish requires an egg, cooking oil, chicken, and your desired seasonings mixed in with sesame sauce. Add some corn starch to the egg you want to whisk and dip in a chicken breast. Allow the chicken to cook and then pour in your favorite sesame sauce.

16. Shrimp and Broccoli
Sizzle shrimp and broccoli in your wok along with some soy sauce and some ginger. Cook broccoli in the ginger-soy sauce mixture first for 1-2 minutes and then add shrimp and continue cooking covered until the shrimp is tender. To plate the dish, add some sesame seeds and green onion.
15. Mushroom-Oyster Chicken
The best way to make a great stir fry is water-velveting by marinating soaking chicken in a marinade with egg white, wine, and cornstarch and then blanching. You need your mushroom to do so in this dish.
For a delicious restaurant-quality meal, sear your favorite oyster sauce. To give it an extra touch, add some Swiss cheese on top of your hot chicken.
14. Parmesan Zucchini
This is an easy and tasty way to make your dinner amazing. Add butter to a warm wok and then add in zucchini, onion, and parmesan. Continue cooking until you have a soft zucchini, yet tender. Plate and sprinkle with some extra parmesan on top if you desire!

13. General Tso’s Chicken
Making this tasty dish in your wok is easy. Bread your chicken in cornstarch and egg and throw it in the wok. Cook with rice vinegar, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, water and sugar and fry until crispy. For extra crispy chicken, add a splash of vodka. For taste, you are free to add some bell peppers or chili.

12. Seared Cod
Cod is delicious, healthy food that cooks quickly. Add soy sauce, butter, ginger, and garlic to your wok and warm. Proceed to add some mushrooms and peas if you want. After a few minutes (the wok must be hot then), sear your cod for only a few minutes on each side. When plated, pour a little part of the mushroom-soy sauces you made in the wok over top of the fish.

11. Asparagus
A great side dish for any meal is asparagus! However, it is even more delicious seared in a wok in a buttery, olive oil mixture. Heat your olive oil and butter in the wok, then add your asparagus and some salt and pepper. Cook until asparagus is at desired tenderness. Top with bacon for extra flavor.

10. Buttered Shrimp Pasta
This dish is as delicious as it is fast! Melt some butter in your wok and toss in any cooked pasta you like. Add some shrimps to the cooked pasta and cook until it finished and serve. You need only three ingredients to prepare this fast and delicious meal. You are free to season as necessary with cherry tomato, parsley and lemon juice for a Fresca themed taste. 

9. Stir-Fried Cucumber
By cooking cucumbers, you can turn them from a bland snack to a hearty meal with a meaty bite. Chop up a couple of cucumbers and lightly salt them. Cook them in your wok with soy sauce and sesame oil. Add bacon bits or ground pork for some added flavor.

8. Sesame Noodles
Add all your savory favorites in one dish! Cook a thick lo mien noodle along with bean pods, mushrooms, and green onion in your wok in a mixture of sesame oil and soy sauce. If you are looking for a savory flavor, add some butter to the dish and then complete it with some sesame seeds when plated.

7. Mashed Potatoes
Who said a wok couldn’t produce a comfort food favorite? Combine diced potatoes with a teaspoon of Italian seasoning and garlic. Melt butter in your wok and add your mashed potato mixture. Stir constantly until the potatoes are mashed and cooked. Do not cook for more than ten minutes to avoid hard texture.

6. Fried Rice
Heat some oil I'm the wok and put carrots, peas, onions and cooked meat you want.  After little time, put rice green onion and bean sprouts and cook for two minutes.  Put in some soy sauce and sliced eggs and cook for a bit, then you can serve it.

5. Stir-Fry Carrots
Cut carrot into pieces.  Heat your wok with little butter and cook it till it turns delicate.  Then you should add soy sauce and cook the carrot some more till it gets soft.  Blend it with green onion and sesame seed and serve for a sumptuous nutritional dish. 

4. Stir-Fry Apple Pie Pieces
To make a simple and easy third-course meal in your wok.  Cut the apple into piece fold them in dissolved butter and suck them in a brown sugar and cinnamon blend.  Heat wok with little butter and

3. Meatballs
Put oil in the wok and heat it, then add beef, pork, or important meatballs. Saute for some time and then swirl in some onion and garlic. Then saute again.  Lastly, put the vegetable of your choice and pour a blend of soy sauce, vinegar and sugar and boil.  Cook until meatballs are done and serve with rice or spaghetti. 

2. Scrambled Eggs
Do you want to eat wok for breakfast?  Scrambled eggs are a good source of protein and are very simple to make. Heat and add some oil to make the pan greasy, and so the egg doesn't stick. Break and beat the egg in a plate and then put them in the wok. You can add milk and eggs and continuously turn the egg till they are cooked and it must be served immediately.
1. Stir-Fry Pizza
Instead of buying pizza, why don’t you make it to your house? Get a pre-baked pizza crust and your favorite wok toppings. Put oil in your wok and add meat, vegetable, toppings you would like for your pizza to have. When you finish, put your topping on the crust. Add some cheese and bake till cheese has fully dissolved. This is a favorite motivated by topping in your wok. 
All.in all these are lists of food that can be cooked at home and be rest assured that they are healthy food. Despite living a busy life, you can always get something healthy to eat.

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