Having discussed several reasons for mouth odor (halitosis) on this blog
Now we will be discussing points to combating mouth odor.
While some people experience mouth odor as a result of more complicated health issues, some are just as a result of poor oral hygiene.

Kindly read through the well arranged points and make amendments where need be.

Brush Regularly and properly: Most people would tell you they brush regularly , but I'm telling you today that that's not the only point, The point is "brushing properly" . Most people do not understand that brushing your mouth requires good technique, they just dip their toothbrushes into their mouth and brush their teeth anyhow they feel right. This shouldn't be so, you should brush in an upward -downward motion. Remember to pay attention to essential parts of the mouth.

Remember your tongue: Talking about essential parts of the mouth, The tongue is a
Part of the mouth that cannot be skipped during mouth washing. Pay good attention to your tongue. Wash the inner parts of your tongue and include it in your brushing routine.
You'll be glad with the results.

Avoid smoking and tobacco products: Smoking was never a good habit(I stand to be corrected if I'm wrong) . Smoking not only damages the lungs but it has a bad effect on the teeth and is one major cause of bad breath.

Drink enough water:Your mouth performs a self cleansing function in Which it cleanses itself with saliva and there's no need to stress that saliva present in the mouth would be a function of the amount of water you consume.
Apart from the effect on your mouth, adequate water is essential for the proper functioning of the body.
Avoid a dry mouth at all cost. A dry mouth is a smelly one.

Replace Your Toothbrush regularly: 3 months is the prescribed time of use for your toothbrush. But who says you can't change them every month, just be sure to find the correct bristles so u don't injure yourself.

Go crunchy: Eat lots of raw crunchy fruits like apples, coconuts and the likes they help build strong teeth and a good mouth in general.

Visit the dentist regularly : Even with all the points stated I'm still not a professional dentist and you would need one who can see you physically, examine and diagnose you and proffer professional solutions.

Make friends with a dentist today. Lol.

Extra Tip: You should stand in front of a mirror when you brush so you can see if you are doing it right.

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