Do you want to burn calories?  Are you also going back to the old unhealthy lifestyle of eating bad food despite resolving to lose weight? Then you have come to the right place. Everyone who wants to lose weight at one point in time has been there too, no need to panic.
There are a whole lot of dieting tips on the net to help people on their cause to lose weight, but some of these tips are untrue.  These are 20 untrue tips about losing weight that should not be followed.

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20. Sea Salt is Healthier than Regular Salt
Even though people think the sea salt is healthier than normal salt, this is not true. Both salts have the same nutritional worth; they both contain the same level of sodium per spoon and serving.  

19. Diet Sodas Help Weight Loss
People think of diet soda as being of help because it has artificial sugar and that it is not real sugar, this is not true.  The artificial sweeteners used for diet sodas are causing diseases, and diet soda has a whole lot of unhealthy sodium. 

18. Peanut Butter is Healthy
Despite its sweet taste, soothing and pleasing texture, and peanut base, it is not as hearty and wholesome as people think of it.  Lots of peanuts producers put additives and sugars to the paste in the process of production here, making it unfit and unhealthy for consumption.  To eat peanut butter, you should take little, or you select the ones without additives. 
17. Comfort Food Makes You Feel Good  
In as much as comfort foods, otherwise known as sugary food, makes you feel good and flows pleasure hormone to the brain,  the pleasure dissolves in a short while, and after that, you will be stressed as the hormone only lasts for a while. So do not take comfort foods, and you'll be sustained than ever when losing weight. 
16 Wraps Are Better for You Than Sandwiches
Wraps are often pictured as a lighter and better option for a sandwich.  But, wraps are more than food because they get stuffed, and that can cause eating too much.  A warp naturally contains more sodium than two slices of wheat bread.

15. Nutrition Labels Are Always Accurate
The food regulation association permits a 20% swing on the caloric value on a food nutrition tag. Therefore, for instance, it might be indicated as 500 calories, but it could be 650 calories. Be thoughtful and careful when buying your food from the mall because what is on the food tag may not always be true or accurate. 

14. Energy Drinks Boost Your Metabolism
Naturally, caffeine should increase metabolism, but when there are additives in caffeine, it inapplicable. There is a lot of sugar to be derived from an energy drink, but it’s not useable.  You should ensure you get your metabolic booster from natural sources.

13. Super-Hot Pepper Burns More Fat
Do not go through punishment to lose weight.  Research shows that mild peppers can increase metabolism speedingly as well also burn fat.  This means you don't have to eat hot and spicy peppers to lose weight. 

12. Late Night Eating Makes You Gain Weight
It is not true that eating late at night makes you fat; it is believed that if you want to lose weight, you should not eat later than 6:00 pm if you practice a healthy food and lifestyle you will lose weight, and you should use something that you think would suit you. 

11. Coffee is good for you
The intake of coffee is good and seems healthy, but recent research shows you should be aware of the rate at which it is consumed.  The amount of caffeine you consume can slow down a digest of minerals such as iron in the body. This can cause anemia, which is an unhealthy lifestyle, and so is living on coffee constantly.  

10. Limit Your Fat Intake
If you want to lose weight and reduce your fat intake, there is a possibility of adding weight or getting sick because you'll only be eating processed carbs.  It's so fortunate that you don't have to stay of calories that you love eating.  An example is dairy products and tuber crops and also some nuts and dark chocolates.  The USDA also recommended that consuming more fatty foods for a lesser risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

9. Tons of Sugar Causes Diabetes
Even though excessively processed sugar can cause a lot of harm to the endocrine system, not all sugars are unhealthy and cause diabetes.  There are different sugar to take in without thinking of the adverse effects of the sugar in the body example of such diseases are diabetes and sugar blood.  These healthy sugar are yogurt, fiber crops, vegetables and yams etc. 

8. Eating Small Meals Often Increases Your Metabolism
It is generally believed that eating lesser food will help you lose weight.  It is not true.  Our body only burns fat when we eat food because you can only give out what you take in. Shedding weight is not dependent on how regular you eat but how much you eat. 

7. Cut Calorie Intake Drastically
The body requires concrete and enough if not surplus energy to be able to work well, especially when you are actively using your body.  If you don't meet the requirements to take in energy foods, you will store up calories instead of shedding, and severely reducing calorie intake is not a healthy food habit. 

6. Egg Yolks Raise Cholesterol
The real harm that is posed by high cholesterol is a result of artificial sugar and trans fat instead of egg yolks. Egg yolk has just 200mg and is healthy cholesterol and does not harm or pose harm to the body system.  That is, egg yolk can be consumed with no fear of side effects. 

5. Whole Wheat is a Healthy Food
The whole wheat that has tons of gluten is a threat to the body system because it has wheat, and it is harmful; it can contribute to celiac disease and other digestive system issues. It also causes an increase in blood sugar.  It is advisable not to take wheat when shedding weighs because it isn't healthy. 

4. DrinkingMore Water Drops Pounds Fast
Water is very important for the body but does not contribute to weight loss. Water only helps by keeping you from fatty foods and beverages. It has little or slight difference in helping you lose weight.
PS: it is healthy to drink water when dieting. 

3. High Protein Diets Lead to Kidney Disease
Taking in lots of protein can not make the kidney stressed or cause kidney disease as people think it does. Research has also shown that people that do not have kidney disease are not at risk by consuming too much protein. So consuming protein in plenty quantity is as well as alright.

2. Red Meat is bad
Red meat is staple meat from way back, and our digestive system is already able to digest it without issues erupting from the digestive system.  Also, red meat is not as harmful as believed and has healthy cholesterol in it. 

1. Carbs Make You Fat
People must know that processed carbohydrates can also cause weight gain when taken in large quantities, so it should not be disputed that when you take carbohydrates, you add weight.  There is no need to stop eating healthy carb like fruit, veggies, and beans just because you want to lose weight. Research from the University of Vermont also shows that you do not add weight when you eat a healthy carb. 

The Bottom line: People want to practice a healthy lifestyle, and they end up doing things that put them in a situation where they can get hurt by doing things that are harmful and are not necessary. People have to be guided in this process because it is a life-changing one and so they need to know the true way in which their goal can be accomplished. After reading this, you must be convinced that there are certain things that people use to shed weight that  is not needed  

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