You need to know that eating superfoods do not mean it will replace your whole nutrition intake, but they are very rich in vitamins, minerals, and they are extremely nutritious and healthy. We usually use the superfood term for dark leafy green vegetables, legumes and different kinds of berries, but other surprisingly simple foods can be listed as superfoods also. Here are the top 20 superfoods that you can easily fit into your diet.

  1. Broccoli: Almost everything which is green is healthy, for instance, broccoli. They contain tons of vitamins, calcium, iron, and folic acid, which are perfect for a cream soup. 
  2. Spinach: Spinach is one of those dark green leafy vegetables (DGLVs) that are extremely healthy and nutritious. They contain tons of iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, and that they are rich in fibers which are good for your gastrointestinal system. 
  3. Raspberry: Berries are overall super healthy, but raspberries are the simplest. They are so tasty; they are perfect for nearly everything. Soup for lunch, with yogurt for breakfast, as a dessert, jam, on pancakes, so that they match with almost anything. to not discuss their high vitamin and nutrition levels 
  4. Chia Seed: If you are vegetarian, you would possibly consider eating them more often, since they are filled with protein and vitamins also, but take care. They contain tons of calories, so use them cleverly. Nuts and seeds are known for being rich in fiber, heart-healthy fats, and protein. 
  5. Goji: In Chinese medicine, they are using this extraordinary food as a medicine for ages. These berries have a lot of advantageous physiological effects, such as; decreasing high blood pressure, strengthening our immune system, and they also have an anti-aging effect. 
  6. Carrots: This is a type of vegetable that is very healthy and improves eyesight. It is good for the skin mostly during the summer period as it prevents sunburn. It is also great for cholesterol levels 
  7. Ginger: This is a strong superfood which people might not like. It is an undisputed fact that not everyone likes eating something strong, but this is worth it. It is better to put in tea if you are sensitive to eating spicy and strong foods. When its winter season, ginger can help you pull through these times. 
  8. Avocados: are one of the most well-known superfoods that are nutritious. They became very popular lately as they are prescribed in many diets. They contain a lot of healthy fats and are full of nutrition. You can eat them with toast, or put it in a salad, or make some tasty guacamole from them depending on your choice. 
  9. Blueberries: We have already mentioned that almost all kinds of berries are considered superfoods, but here is another one. Blueberries are good for your eyesight, can prevent cold and typical illnesses in winter, rich in vitamins and antioxidants and last but not least, very delicious. 
  10. Salmon: This fish is full of omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, proteins, and vitamins. Know, shockingly, not only fruits, but vegetables, and seeds can also be superfoods. Salmon is super nutritious, which is very healthy for the body. The amazing thing is that salmon try to feed themselves to survive the harsh weather (winter). 
  11. Legumes: This can be compared to how chickpea or beans are super healthy. They contain a lot of protein. If you are vegetarian, you might consider eating them more often, since they also contain healthy fatty acids. 
  12. Kefir/yogurt: Yoghurt is a perfect breakfast and a natural probiotic that helps you keep your body in balance, and it’s also really tasty with fresh fruits. 
  13. Seaweed: This can be used to make soup, use it in your salad or eat it as a side dish. They contain a lot of fibers that help the digestive system to work well, and they are also rich in A-, B-, C-, D- and K-vitamins. You don’t have to be a sushi fan before you try seaweed. 
  14. Green tea: When you are advised to lose weight, almost all adviser mentions it as part of the diet. But, it is, has more benefits than like rich in flavonoids, which is a kind of antioxidant? Antioxidants are essential compounds to our body, and they help to slow down aging. 
  15. Mushroom: They contain a lot of protein; you can replace meat with them if you can use it regularly for your meal. But note that meat has its different proportions of components which contain important minerals, fats, and vitamins. 
  16. Eggs: You realize most people take the egg as breakfast. Do you know why? It is because eggs are perfect for a nutritious breakfast. Also, the Interesting fact is that eggs are the only meal that contains all of the important amino acids, and they are also full of vitamins. 
  17. Olive oil: it is used to make a salad as it gives it yummy taste. It contains vitamin E and K, which is also in a lot of so-called unsaturated fatty acids and is known to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 
  18. Garlic: It is very good to take it when you have a cold, as it is very beneficial to the immune system. Apart from it being a typical seasoning plant, it is also taken by ladies to minimize their menstrual cramps. 
  19. Apples: Do you know that one apple a day, keeps the doctor away! That’s might seem to like a groundless figure of speech, but very reasonable advice. Apples are very good for your kidneys and liver because they have a cleaning effect on your body system. 
  20. Tomatoes: This contains a lot of vitamin C and lycopene, which prevent different kinds of cancerous diseases. It was validated that in the past, people used it against arthritis as alternative medicine.

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