Overcoming Social Media Addiction with these 7 easy steps

Let us take you through a list of tips to help you break your social Media addiction. You might be helping a lot of other people by sharing this post.
Remember Read,  Understand and most importantly apply them.

Make a Decision: You want to combat your addiction to social Media? If yes is your answer then you have to assure yourself that you have made the decision and you need to work towards it.

Turn of Notifications: sometimes you determine not to visit Facebook for some minutes but just immidately you  close the app you see a notification about a friends comment that pulls you right back only for you to end up spending the whole day online. Take a bold step and turn off your app notifications. You can ask for help if you don't know how to do this.

Follow Lesser People: The lesser people you follow the lesser activities you get to see and participate in. Screen through people you follow and start unfollowing some people.

Delete Accounts: This is more of a rigid option but its worth it. Moreover most accounts come with the ability to reactivate your account later if you to. And if you have multiple accounts on the Same social network, its time to permanently delete some of them.

Draw a schedule: Take your time to  study your schedule and draw a social media schedule that only allows you to utilize your free moments for social media.

Involve Someone Else: Most times your determinations might not be strong enough and you need to include other people to help you implement our schedule. I would advise an older individual. Dont hesitate to do this as it would go a long way to help you.

Leave your Phone At home: Yes i said it. You might need to intentionally drop your mobile phone at home while you go out to work or shopping so you can enjoy other activities without being disturbed by your phone.

Do you have another tip? You can drop it in the comment box below.

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