Identifying Social media addiction

You might be wonderingHow does social Media addiction find its way into an health blog?
Well Addiction (no matter which category it falls into) in itself is a medical condition.
in this modern age where the importance of social media cannot be overruled, it is also worthy of note that it could be time consuming as there are thousands of time consuming activities we might easily get engrossed in. And this activities tend to suck on us strongly that without discipline it can easily become an habit.

While there are no specifically stated symptoms, neither am i a specialist bit I believe that the list below should sti be able to help us diagnose ourselves if we are addicted to Social Media.

The First Thing You Do When You Wake up is to check Your Phone Notifications: while checking your phone first thing in the Morning doesn't really  sound so odd but it could be a sign that you are addicted to Social media if when you pick up your phone you first go to check your Social media notifications. So take note.

You Update every aspect of your Life on Social Media: After waking up in the morning you tweet "good morning" when you are off to take your shower your facebook update your status with "off to freshen up" wheyou are having breakfast you snap and post on instagram "my breakfast". I want to tell you with 80% certainty that you are addicted to Social Media.

You are in a hurry to join any new social network:  So You were at school today and you heard someone talking of how nice a new social network is and all that begins to run through your mind is how to create an account too.  This is also a good sign that says you're addicted to social media.

You have multiple social Accounts:
Having multiple accounts isn't really bad in itself but when you have two facebook accounts,one facebook page, 3 instagram accounts, 2 twitter accounts. I might be a good sign of your addiction to social media.

Everything Else seems like a distraction: Mostimes you are so engrossed in Replying tweets,  posting and liking pictures that even food seems like a distraction to you.  You should examine yourself more closely as there is a hifh chance that you are addicted to social Media.

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