Have you been having sleepless nights due to the intense heat? Have you been struggling because of the sweat that has glued to your bed sheet? Do you think you need tips to cope with the hot weather? This perfect article is for you.

This article will give you quick tips on how you can stay cool through hot nights and have a lovely night rest.

In order to replace moisture lost through sweat, it is important you drink water as much as you can. Ensure you stay away from beverages containing caffeine, alcohol or lot of sugar,
Also ensure you take hydrating foods; you can try a smoothie for lunch; take more of fruits and vegetables. One of the fruits I will recommend is water melon because it has high water content.
The color of your urine should be used to check your hydration level; your urine should be colorless, if not then you are on the horizon of dehydration.

Taking light foods is also another trick to survive hot nights. Opt for cool foods or foods that digest easily e.g. salads, vegetables, fruit and avoid meats and protein-heavy foods because they increase metabolic heat production which will require you drink more water.
Eating spicy peppers during this period may sound counter-intuitive but it will also help cool by making you sweat.
Prepare your foods without the use of stoves and ovens
Environmental pollution has also contributed to the MASSIVE heat wave we are having and for this reason, reducing their usage will also reduce the heat. Taking cold soups during the warm weather is great. Find foods that require little or no heat to prepare.

There are three ways to beat the heat using the fan. It’s high time you know that with your fans facing out rather than in at night, you will have a cooler room and more comfortable night rest.
Cross breeze is another unique way to stay cool during the hot weather. All you need to do is to position your fans close to the windows so that the natural air comes in and mixes with the air from the fan to give a cooler environment.
The last ways to optimize your fan is to make an Air conditioner from fans and ice blocks. Get ice blocks in a shallow pan and place in front of the fan. The fan will produce breeze that will pick up cold water from the ice surface while it’s melting to create a cool mist.

I know this may be very difficult because of the nature of your job or your routine, but staying out of the sun will is one of the tricks to help you survive the hot night. Stay in the shade when you can.

Don’t stick to your wool or synthetic designer because of the brand name during this period. Your health is very important and for this reason, lightweight clothes are always the perfect clothes to keep you cooler. Ensure the clothes allow the free flow of air. A light cloth with light color is just a perfect match as the light color will help reflect the sun.
I will advise you choose materials made from cotton and linen because they keep you cool and also help absorb moisture, while you stay away from synthetics and wool because they trap moisture and restrict air flow.
Your foot wears should also be breathable and comfortable.
For the ladies, I will advise you chose function over style because it is one of the best strategies to cope with the extremely hot weather. Ensure you wear fewer accessories and avoid metallic accessories because they trap heat. Wear your long hairs up and off your face and body to allow free flow of breeze along your neckline.

This is another important tip to keep you cool during the hot weather. Immediately you notice you are at your peak when working, take a break to cool off and don’t deny yourself of some rest.
Schedule your activity in such a way that things that requires more of physicality should be done as early as possible or late in the evening.
These are just tips to keep you cool during the hot weather and they can only help when you put them into practice. It’s advisable you adhere to the strategies for coping in the extremely hot weather as they will make the period comfortable for you.


The article is aimed at enlightening the readers about how to cope with the hot weather. The major points discussed include;

  • Drinking lot of water even when you are not thirsty
  • Taking light foods, foods with high water content and avoiding foods that contain more protein will also help stay cool during the hot weather.
  • Wearing clothes that allow free flow of air is also an important strategy for coping with the extremely hot weather.
  • Knowing ones limit and carrying out all activities at a steady rate will also help you during this period.
  • Optimizing the use of the fan at home will also help.
  • If you believe you have learnt something new from this article, I will advise you share this article with your family and friends because they might need the information more than you do.
  • I hope this article has been helpful.
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